Resistance is Fertile

I am a locus of blogville. My life as it has been is over. From this time forward I will serve the very verve of Stumble and ping.

Search is irrelevant. Social bookmarking is seductive. Resistance is fertile. I wish to improve myself. I will blog to live and live to blog. I will stalk the A-listers and add their organic and technique-oh-so-logicalness to my feed reader. My culture will evolve to make me a better blogger.

I am blogger. I will stay awake and write one more paragraph and read one more feed. Who needs sleep anyway? Caffeine creates voltage. Voltage equals current times resistance. Resistance is fertile. Resistance equals voltage divided by the urge to assimilate current events. I will lower my shields and surrender to googling. Google and count, count and google. Google and… thunk…