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Fix Broken Permalinks after WordPress 3.2.1 Upgrade

Have your blog traffic stats taken a tumble after upgrading WordPress? Mine did, after upgrading to WordPress 3.2.1. The fix may be easier than you think. Re-save your settings – that’s all, folks! Easy peasy. If the only thing that’s … Continue reading

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Surrendering to Adobe

On Monday I’m going to buy Adobe’s CS5.5 Master Collection. I keep teasing myself about the insanity of taking no profit for personal use so that I can send a big company serious money for software for which there are … Continue reading

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I think I’m getting there

The old posts are back and all on-site links work. As I have time, I’ll restore comments on posts that won’t get updated later. Luckily, the ones that had lots of comments are the sort that will get updated. Reconsidering … Continue reading

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Just a Quickie

The remaining faithful few who subscribed when this blog was active a few years ago may be wondering what’s with the re-appearing older posts. I’m in recovery mode from corrupted backups. I decided against starting fresh, without the older posts. … Continue reading

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Hello world, again!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Bah Humbug

I’m still finding glitchy little things that don’t work as they should. Getting the data in here is not enough. At least I was corrupted, not hacked. Ha. It may be time to start fresh, with an entirely new install … Continue reading

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Putting a Fork in 2010

Hey world! I had plans for New Years Day that did not involve rebuilding AbleReach a few files at a time. At the moment I’ve got this site 70% back, and where it’s still broken I have the important data … Continue reading

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Weird Work Habits – How I romance coding in notepad

Today I am printing out two copies of about 300 lines of color-coded source code. This is the html framework for the whole page, with the if/else bits that call includes depending on what’s happening where in the site, but … Continue reading

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On Social Change and Communication Technology

The real change, to me, is in the advancing availability of communication technology. Yes, we’ve had communication technology before. When the telegraph was cutting edge, alongside its use for official-sounding business, it was privately re-purposed by whoever had access. One … Continue reading

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Hello, World

After just over a year’s absence I’m more or less here again.  I removed and re-added plugins until finding the half-dozen or so that no longer wanted to play nice, and now I can see the “Add New Post” dialog, … Continue reading

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