Brunch: Family Time

Each weekend a new “Brunch” post will feature thoughts about balancing family and self care with working in an always-on Internet environment. This “Brunch” post is by Donna D. Fontenot.

Working from home, as a solo web entrepreneur, often means working much longer hours than the typical 9-5 job. The work is usually more more enjoyable, so the longer hours don’t really bother us, but the problem is that they do bother our families.

Family Time

In fact, family relationships can suffer tremendously unless compromises are made all round. I learned years ago (through threat of great bodily and emotional harm) that I needed to set aside “family time”, and that I needed to adhere to that commitment religiously. I do adhere to it faithfully, and everyone is happier because of it. Key lesson learned: Set aside a block of time (evenings usually work best) to spend totally with the family if you want to have a harmonious balance between the home/office and the home/hearth.

Thank you, Donna!

Dazzlin Donna D. Fontenot balances family time with: