Working at home takes ‘Team’ to a new meaning

Each weekend a new “Brunch” post will feature thoughts about balancing family and self care with working in an always-on Internet environment. This “Brunch” post is by Paul Steven.

Paul StevensThey say an Englishman’s home is his castle. We’ll, here’s a Scotsman whose home is his office. My water cooler is the kitchen sink where half the time you’ll find me sticking my head out the kitchen window sucking on a cigarette (I’m not allowed to smoke in the house) and drinking black coffee while thinking about world domination and what to make the kids for their supper. Yep, working from home sure has its benefits.

I mind once when I was chatting on the phone to a big jewelers from London. The on-line marketing contract was going to be huge and the person on the other side of the phone was warming to what I was offering as a service. Then the voices started. Muffled at first because I have my own room set aside for my business. But the voices began to disturb my train of thought. Lapses in concentration were affecting my business mode as my fatherly ear trained in on the argument happening right outside my domain.

Skye (1), Robyn (15), Jay (5), and Brooke (5) my wee niece who is never far away
Skye (1), Robyn (15), Jay (5), and Brooke (5) my wee niece who is never far away

My thoughts of bling bling marketing were soon overwhelmed by cries of “its mine” which were rebuffed by “no, its mine.” Then, the yank of a handle and the cry of “Dad, tell her!” as my 5 year old son appeared before me with a look of devastation on his face only a 5 year old can muster. I never called them back after I hurriedly made my apologies and hung up. A door latch now bridges my office space and domestic bliss.

However, working from home has been the best move I have ever made. Witnessing for the first time my youngest daughter take her first steps in life was heaven-sent. I make time to take and pick-up my son from school no matter what me schedule says. I could never dream of doing that before.

My thoughts are that you take the rough with the smooth when working from home. Sure they’ll be moments when you wish you were tucked up in some office environment and they’ll happen frequently, daily. However, most business related memories I have shared over these last few months have been instantaneous with the ones I love most, my family. Its a feeling that takes the term ‘Team’ to a whole new meaning.

Thank you, Paul!

Paul owns NorthSouthMedia, an independent Online Marketing company specialising in Search Marketing and organic SEO.

He would like me to say that he is contactable there, except on Sundays when he sleeps a lot, but I happen to know that he has slept during the week at least twice.