Grown Up Soul For the Inner Child

I’ve been writing most of the day today, off and on, and not getting anywhere. I’ve made a stab at practical idea after practical idea and come up with phrases that don’t stick together in paragraphs, and flat-spirited paragraphs that I can barely force myself to finish. Where’s the love?

It’s been like being on a diet and having a craving for chocolate fudge brownies. Instead of relishing eating half a brownie, or even a whole brownie, I’ll manage to nibble on everything else in the house and still not feel satisfied until I get my hands on what I wanted in the first place. Maybe I should have had the brownie.

The funny thing is, if I hadn’t promised myself I’d write a post every day I’d probably have been completely satisfied with spinach salad and a side of marinated boneless skinless chicken. I’m the kind of person who will happily eat a tomato for a treat-like snack. Not today. Got craving craving craving.

I get horny for my creativity.

Gilda Radner

Three cheers for Gilda, and two miscellaneous observations from me:

  • Search tech stuff makes me horny for communication.
  • Marketing is all about trend, but connecting is about what works for people.

Where am I going with this?

What’s going to work for me today? I am sooo tempted to head back into plotting what seemed practical when I thought I knew what I was doing this morning. But, this post is like an expose`, right? So, what’s going on in the back of my mind when I’m horny for my web-related creativity?

There’s a one-two punch.

One: yum yum Internet.

…the Internet is the hottest thing to happen to communication since movable type – the printing press, not the blogging software. The way it connects us across cultures and experiences is nothing short of revolutionary. Seven generations ago my ancestors were getting out of Virginia after the Civil War. Seven generations from now our descendants will be learning about the communication revolution of the early days of the Internet. The world will be a different place for them because of what we figure out today about the power of the link.

Ritual, Branding, Manners, Identity

Two: grown up soul for the inner child.

I want to make niche sites like Miriam’s Mexican Dress. Something with a personal sense of home culture. Seriously. Except some of my niches would be a leetle different.

For instance, when I was a teenager my grandfather and I got out the drill and the big hammer and made a very funky scratching post for my intrepid kitty. The dang thing fell apart, as most first runs will do, but I loved it literally to pieces. For thirty years I’ve thought that I’d want to make another, and make it better. Since the dawn of the hobby site (think Geocities 1.0) I’ve wanted to make a web site all about making cat furniture. I even own the drill and the digital camera, and enough scrap lumber for a trial run or two.

I could probably list a dozen more ideas for fun (IMHO) 20 page starter sites that could sell a few downloads and some advertising every year. Some would lend themselves to adding more pages of fun over months and years. Waaay different than the perennial…

I Quit My Job and Now I’m Rich

Follow my super secret plan. I’m a Rock Star.
Buy my ebook and be like me. Buy my system and I will tell you how.
Here is a picture of me and my new young wife in Hawaii.
I made $5,000 yesterday and so can you.
Buy my DVD. Anyone can do it.


If some people’s kids have the nerve to post gawd awful scams and spam, why am I waiting to document the creation of cat furniture or chocolate truffles or how to take apart an owl pellet? And don’t get me started on kid-style hands-on science, or I’ll be up all night writing and checking to see what sites would work better with decent photos and clear directions.

This doesn’t sound grown up or practical, but it does feel like me. Maybe these kinds of projects can be my battery rechargers. It could be that I won’t know unless I try — how’s that for tentative enthusiasm. LOL