I Dream of Way Cool Blog Posts, but it’s not what you think

Soooo, at about 9:00 Friday evening I was working on a blog post, not this blog post, aaaand thought I’d take a little Stumble break before polishing it off. The next thing I knew it was after 1:00 am Saturday and I was in that twilight zone where a person wonders if they are awake or asleep. This poor pumpkin doesn’t do time change very well.

When I nodded off I had several open browser tabs. I’d fallen asleep in mid “oh what a cool post.” The Very Cool Stuff I’d been happily reading was just as cool when I woke up three hours later.

At this hour I’m not going to coffee up and finish the post. I won’t even tell you what it is going to be about. You’ll have to come back later and find out.

I will, however, share these tasty bits.

  • I fell asleep with my mouse highlighting the following lines from 41 Blog Success Tips from 10 Years of Blogging You Can Learn Today. Read it. Print it. Draw a sunny smiley face on it, and post it by your computer.

    Yummy, sensible and inspiring. From the page:

    • 6. Communicate fascination – If you love your subject then let your readers know, share your enthusiasm, make it contagious
    • 7. Write better – All of us can improve our writing but it takes effort and motivation
    • 8. Grow your experience – Do new things, broaden your horizons, stretch yourself
  • As I snoozed away, the post Are You a Maki or a Yaro? was open in another tab. It’s a good read about identity.
  • Want Credibility? Send a Signal is the last blog post I was reading in my sleep. My favorite lines are near the end, where he suggests that to get a buyer’s trust, a seller first has to give something. He relays a list of good “gives” that are more material than I what would have come up with. I’m more of a give-of-my-self person: I wouldn’t trust someone who wants to give me “material wealth” without also letting me get to know if I like them. Maybe my give-of-myself thang could be handled by number six below.
    • 1. Material Wealth
    • 2. Time & Energy
    • 3. Opportunity
    • 4. Power & Control
    • 5. Reputation & Prestige
    • 6. Safety & Well-Being
  • You might also enjoy my pre snooze Stumble, an Interview With Zenhabits Writer Leo Babauta in which Mr. Zen himself talks about his development as a blogger. Also a good read.
  • Stumble is fun. Sure, there are days when I don’t want to play, but there are also many times when my attitude about Stumble is pure “Beast needs brain food. Feed me.”

    I’ll babble on about Stumble later. Right now I’m going to sleep without setting the alarm: I’m sleeping in. :-)

Hey – I feel like a valiant blog-mom, because I provided good snacks to hungry blog-guests. LOL.

Next stop Zville.

More later, y’all. Read happy.