A Six-Month Checkup

Today is my six month anniversary of starting to blog at AbleReach.com. At first, I thought I’d give myself six months to get comfortable, and then re-assess. About six weeks into it I decided I’d get more from the experience by pushing harder. “Comfort” is over rated. Sometimes, ya gotta break a sweat to get work done.

It wasn’t long before I realized that six months is too long to go before re-assessing. A personal goal that is within my control can turn on a dime: add a set of clear standards to a personal goal, pay attention to an experience, and stir.

Blogging by Candlelight?

Speaking of stirring, over the last few weeks I’ve had unusually awful server outages, a week without broadband, and, yesterday, in the middle of polishing a guest post for SEO Scoop, a power outage. Crazy.

When little disasters seem like they’re happening continuously, I wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something. I have an image of God perched above me on a cloud, looking every bit like a member of ZZ Top, trying to get my attention by pelting me with marshmallows, or slightly harder to ignore things like progressively larger water balloons.

If I had to hazard a guess as to any message behind this recent set of “water balloons,” it’d be that writing ahead of time could set me free. LOL. And, here I am putting on another pot of coffee at an ungodly hour so that I can finish the SEO-Scoop post, and I’m not panicking. I feel at home — though I’d like it better if I was sleeping tonight. I feel comfortable.

Earlier this week I was telling someone that my to-do list is long, but also 80-90% made of things I am looking forward to, like finishing that guest post. :-)

Life is good.