Hello, World

After just over a year’s absence I’m more or less here again.  I removed and re-added plugins until finding the half-dozen or so that no longer wanted to play nice, and now I can see the “Add New Post” dialog, you don’t see a 501 server error, and (hot damn) pushing the “publish” button does not result in an error. This is also a shiny new upgrade to WP 2.8.

There are a few smallish things that are missing or a little bit broken, but, for the most part, it’s all here.

One of the really nice finds was that most of the 80-something comments that had stacked up back here were both positive and not spam – very, very cool. Thank you.

And, there are scads of drafted post ideas in there that are still pretty interesting. Yes, this blog already has a garden with working compost heap.

Are you with me? I feel like I’m waving at the house where I lived last year.

It’s good to get this site functioning again.

What’s Next?

Search me if I know!

  • I want a personal soapbox – got opinions, as usual. We live in a fascinating time. Are you up for some editorializing?
  • I need to fix a few things about this site. It needs an updated logo and “About” page, at least, and some replacement plugins, and htaccess will need attention.
  • I’m beginning to feel the need for a place to put creative writing – actual poetry and fiction. I haven’t decided if I’ll start that incognito until I get used to the idea, or if it will be a pen name thing for the duration.
  • I want to redesign QuoteSnack, to make it easier to expand and add services – been having a ball there, and on Twitter.
  • I may split the AbleReach WordPress stuff off onto a site of its own, or the non-techie topics may be better off with their own home, or this could be all-in-one moi.
  • And there are a couple other projects I’ve wanted to start. A couple? A few? Hell, I may need to admit I’m up to however many “fews” it takes to make a “lot.”

So much to learn, so much to do. How’s a gal to choose?