I think I’m getting there

The old posts are back and all on-site links work.

As I have time, I’ll restore comments on posts that won’t get updated later. Luckily, the ones that had lots of comments are the sort that will get updated.

Reconsidering Style

The better my browser resolutions get, the more I am reminded that I need to re-do my logo. I’ve been putting it off because of sentimental attachment – this one was my first. Looking at it now, there are a few things I’d do differently. I built it by combining two fonts I liked and slightly re-shaping them with a vector editing application – I don’t even remember which application, but I can tell you for sure that it was before Adobe gobbled up Macromedia, probably before Macromedia bought Allaire and maybe even before Homesite was sold to Allaire. I didn’t understand the benefits of working with vectors and changed the shapes a bit after converting to a jpeg, after which, somehow, I ended up with only gifs. I do not know where the original files are. This is how we learn. 🙂

I still like that sumi feel.

When I first made my logo, today’s CSS was a twinkle in the W3C’s collective eye.

Now that we have beautifully less buggy CSS and browsers that almost display identical content in identical ways, web design can be soooo much more fun. The first version of this layout was made with tables and little curved corner images, about which I felt soooo clever. It’s had more or less the same look for a very long time.

Change… hmm… I sort of have to grin and bear it, but once I get going I can play for hours and then some.

I’m not unhappy with what I have. However… today I own my very own legal copies of the CS2 versions of PhotoShop and Illustrator and inDesign… and I’m about to upgrade the whole kit and kaboodle and then some to CS5… and that’s a whole lot more to play with.

No content generation promises, this time around. I’m not going to put myself on a heavy blogging schedule. In the first place, I now have real clients who may wonder why I am messing around with my blog when I owe, ummm, work. LOL. Also, my days of having “a blog” are long over. Not sayin’ how many, will say I do keep busy.