Just a Quickie

The remaining faithful few who subscribed when this blog was active a few years ago may be wondering what’s with the re-appearing older posts. I’m in recovery mode from corrupted backups. I decided against starting fresh, without the older posts. Because of a few of them still get Search traffic, I’ll be gradually restoring everything. Some older posts may be outdated, but the search terms and their reason for being will be evergreen. For now, expect to see some older posts re-appear every day, with original dates and URL intact. After that, I’ll be rewriting fresh content, at which time searchers who would have hit the older version will be land on shiny new articles.

So many projects, so little time!

I’ve missed writing to you.

P.S. Blast from the Past

Wow, this was fun.


26 posts to go. Many links were converted to relative links and ended up being broken. That can be for another day. I haven’t decided what to do about the comments. LOL

I don’t know what all this has done to the inboxes of RSS subscribers who get this blog via email. I promise it won’t be crazy forever!