Hello May 31st!

I thought I’d better let everyone know that I’m putting my twice-a-week WordPress project on vacation until Thursday.

You see, I’m busy moving to a new host – yipeee!

I’ll be back in a few days, reloaded with promised humor. In honor of brunchy balance, I may also give myself a couple days off – what a concept.

I feel like I did not give enough this this week, because I had plans I didn’t finish. Looking back, I have to give myself credit. I had more server outages, after all.

Even so, I did the big stuff. I feel just great about WordPress Wireframes, and my Big List of Green Web Hosts is a resource I am satisfied with and can build on.

I am eager to get to the next steps.

I can’t stop from thinking thinking thinking, and there are some ideas I’m excited about and have been working on, and, goodness me, I have to stop myself, or I’ll enthuse myself straight past that break I wanted. Must… resist… temptation.

Heh. The temptation passed.

Was that a tease, or self-preservation?

Whatever you say, dears. :-)

Life is good.