My May 27th Coming Soon List

I have a busy week coming up here!

WordPress Wireframes

After taking a break from posting for Memorial Day yesterday, I’ll have the first-of-week WordPress post ready for you later on today. I’m writing about wireframes. There are two basic ways to remodel an existing WordPress theme. You can apply bandaids, one fix at a time, re-doing previous work to fit new changes, or you can make a wireframe and save likely reworkables for after a foundation structure is in place. Pardon me, but re-doing the same thing over and over again is boring as hell. I choose wisely: I choose wireframe.

Green Hosting

My quest for green web hosting continues! This week I’ll be sharing a Really Big List of about twenty “green” web hosts. At first, it seemed wrong to apply the same “green” label to two hosts if one plants a tree for every new server, and another uses solar energy to meet all of its own power needs. Eventually, hey, I relaxed a smidge. It’s all good, and change is a process. They get to define themselves, and I’m throwing them into one big list.

Also in the works is more on green hosting, and a list of special offers, though that may take me until next week. Gathering information from the hosts is turning into a drawn out process, both because of my schedule and my tendency for insane attention to detail. I’ve got a bee in my bonnet over this so I’ll try, try, try. I want to know how they feel about their level of green. And, after my recent experiences with my current host, I cherish the opportunity to do a little grilling about uptime guarantees, English-speaking tech support and other lovelies. Muahaha.


So, I have this post that I thought was funny, and then I got into this serious mood and decided not to post it. Now, hmmm… I’m giving its chances for showing up this week a 50/50 maybe probably.

To Escape or or Not to Escape?

My local Farmer’s Market opens on Wednesday, with a small and festive community parade. Librarians will dress up as fruits, and human-sized vegetables will do the samba. I promised myself that I’d get a lot more done before taking a day to play. Should I go play anyway, if I can’t get caught up today? Would it help if I promised y’all pictures?

More Balance

Each weekend a new “Brunch” post will feature thoughts about balancing family and self care with working in an always-on Internet environment. Sound familiar? You’ve seen it here three times.

I came up with the idea of a brunch series about a month ago, and introduced it on Mother’s Day. My own family is spread out and living large though separate lives. We rarely see each other. The giving back that I envisioned for my “matronly” (ha!) years is not happening, and I’m still here with the same goals and V.A.S.T. ideals. My Internet community is always “on,” alpha geek neck pain and all, so I’m brunching y’all. Scones anyone?

So far I’ve had two guest brunchers, Donna D. Fontenot and Paul Steven. Yaay Donna and Paul! This Saturday’s brunch will be from Rachael Goldstein, a graphic design resource queen and hard-working mother of four who I met on StumbleUpon. Here’s Rachel’s SU profile.

And one more thing!

A certain Kim (usability turns her on) Krause Berg is celebrating a birthday today. Drop on by the Cre8asite Forums pub and wish a happy birthday to our founder. While you’re there, check out SEO Newslets and revisit cross browser compatibility.