Blog Tag: When I’m not doing SEO

Kim Krause Berg tagged me for the meme “When I’m not doing SEO…” which was started by Shimon Sandler a few days ago.

What I like most is looking at the way connections are made, online and off. For the last few years my offline life has been shrinking, but if I get really quiet and squint just right I can still see signs of life separate from the online connectivity of “SEO.”

I Cook

Slow cooking is a good way to anchor a long day. I like to start a batch of something in the morning and baby it off and on throughout the day, as I work my way through a project connected with my online life. Winter favorites are home made soup, yeast bread or a turkey. I like multi-day projects that can be frozen in meal-sized portions. One recent experiment was a four cheese manicotti with spinach and toasted walnuts – yummy, though a bit of a pain to stuff without splitting, so next time it will be cannelloni or lasagna roll-ups.

I am a Sci Fi Couch Potato

I’ve probably seen every episode of every Star Trek related thang at least five times, and though I have a rotten memory for real people’s names I am a sponge for sci fi trivia. Did you know Carol Burnett was in an early 1960’s episode of The Twilight Zone, long before she was famous? Or that the father of Next Generation’s Q was a serious oboist? For some reason I do!

Other Stuff

I do a little bird watching, and a little knitting and sewing. I garden, which involves a fair amount of negotiating with deer. I walk. I read, browse art and photography, and draw. I love learning, researching and inventing.

For “When I’m Not Doing SEO”, I tag:

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