I Can Haz Onion?

Peel an onion and what do you get? More onion.

Peel me and what do you get? More than one kind of layer, that’s for sure, except…

…I hear it’s good for a site to have “focus.” (wink)

I’m the boss, this is my mother ship, and for here and now, what you’re going to get is onion a la Elizabeth. The “kids” are going to have to share elbow room.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures from icanhasacheezburger

My interests are pretty web-centric, or maybe it’s that I’m interested in how the web can overlap almost everything. Also, though too much diversity can kill in a not-good way from a marketing perspective, I like the idea of having a one-home-fits-all place for the art me, the nerd me, the me who is still having cravings for a certain fat fighter’s fried shrimp sandwich and the me who could live on organic oranges and spinach forever and ever.

Once in a while I see comments from people who wonder why there aren’t more artists who are also into geekery, or women who do tech as well as girlyness, or girly girls who can also use a saw, and I wonder if so many of us humans could possibly be so one-dimensional. Maybe we’re being market-smart and keeping our incongruous parts in separate public entities.

I think I’ll pass.

Elsewhere I can make targeted content for a specific audience. Here I want to push myself to turn over the compost and see what grows. The longer I stew on it, the more sure I am: I don’t want to make ablereach.com be that thing that looks like a web site and has the requisite web site parts. I want to keep digging into how my personality and priorities marinate with the flavors of the Internet.

And W00t. You know what this means, don’t you?

funny pictures
moar funny pictures from icanhasacheezburger

Yepperz. Blogtreetz.

  1. Interviews. I love, love, love talking to people about what makes something jive. The topic could be almost anything. For this blog I’m starting an ongoing series based around using the Internet to build community. Dazzlin D’s interview about community was a delight for both of us. The next two are in the works, and I am a very happy camper.
  2. Online Education. Have plans, will spill. Soon.
  3. WordPress. Have plans, will spill. Wednesday.
  4. Stories. Just because. You liked this and this. Me, too.
  5. Play. I posted about going pink. I owe you one about going green – my hair, that is.
  6. Introspection. I like introspection that feels like a workout, and leaves me wanting to go exploring.
  7. An open door for more.