Fat Hair Challenge

On February 8th I challenged each of the participants of SEOs Fight Fat to sell a new display ad by February 14th.

If each of the eleven SEOs at SEOs Fight Fat sell a new display ad by February 14th, I’ll dye my hair pink.

To be fair, Valentine’s Day is only six days away. If they want a re-match, I’ll go green for three new ads each by St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th. Do both and I’ll do both.

Going Pink

Today I am re-stating and broadening that challenge. A display ad is $500, and there are eleven fat fighters. $1,500 per fat fighter would result in a total of $16,500 in pledges.

My new and improved challenge is for a total of $16,500 pledged after my original challenge on February 8th, including Friends of SEOs Fight Fat pledges of $20 or more.

I’m also extending it past St. Patrick’s Day, to the end of SEOs Fight Fat, but I’m picking the color. Go over $16,500 in total pledges and I’ll be your hair slave and take votes on the color. Hey, I’m flexible.

I challenge all of the fat fighters and anyone in their communities to do the same.

Donna Fontenot, will you go purple for the cause?
Jennifer Laycock, have you ever considered a nice grassy green?

Get Silly and Serious

Fat fighters, how many people in your church or school or online community would plunk down $20 or more for a chance to see you get out the hair dye, if it was for a good cause? And, don’t let not being one of the official eleven stop you: take up my challenge.

While you’re at it, challenge other communities in and out of Search. Hit up anyone connected to any of the products and industries mentioned on SEOs Fight Fat. Do you happen to know a marketing rep for Lean Cuisine? Anyone involved in making or marketing weetabix? Someone who has a gym?

Eleven fat fighters are playing for eleven nonprofits. How many supporters of those kinds of nonprofits would get out the hair dye for $16,500 in pledges for a good cause? If you read this and imagined seeing a twinkle in their eyes, that’s a sign that you may have an “in” for a donation to SEOs Fight Fat.

Think Of The Benefits

$16,500 can do a lot for a nonprofit. A LOT. A lot that is nothing short of priceless. Life-changing.

[Inserting a moment of silence to let that sink in.]

I have more to say (as usual!) but time marches on and I want this post to go out today.

What Is SEOs Fight Fat?

Are you wondering what in the world I’m going on about? This is the skinny on SEOs Fight Fat.

During the two month period between February 1, 2008 and March 31, 2008, each SEO will attempt to lose weight using whatever methods he or she thinks is best. On March 31st, the woman who has lost the most weight (based on a percentage of weight loss) and the man who has lost the most weight (again based on percentage) will be in a finalist face-off. On April 1st, all of you will vote and choose the winner of the challenge from those two finalists. The final winner’s charity will receive all of the sponsorship pledge funds.

About SEOs Fight Fat

Side Note On My Personal Poundage

When I started “sympathy dieting” at the start of February I weighed in at 200 lbs. By the time I stopped working on the Holy Grail thang I was solidly at 209. The fantasy journey part of me has a special vulnerability to going into a sugar coma. She had to be stopped. I live to play (with my food) as much as the next person, but I’ve got to say that the LOLcat thang was much less fattening and much more healthy. ;-)

Hear ye, hear ye, I am now a slightly more svelte 198 lbs. W00t.

This will be the first Easter in memory that yours truly attempts to forgo partaking of those chocolate covered malted milk balls shaped like eggs, or Cadbury Caramel eggs, or…

…pardon me. I have spinach to savor and a challenge to post.