RSS Subscribers Got Green Hunger?

Recent ups and downs in my RSS subscriber numbers are making me curious. I’m wondering if there is an unmet need for information that would help bloggers who combine “green” or cause marketing with the usual WordPress-and-content stuff.

Early in the morning on April 22nd I published Cre8Green: Small Steps for Big Causes, my Earth Day post. At the end of the day my FeedBurner stats showed a 48% jump in my RSS subscribers, taking this blog to an all time high. I’ve had a few 20% subscriber ups and downs, but nothing larger. 48% is an anomaly.

I followed up with a post I’d been working on about my user statistics, and some of my own attitudes about goal setting and benchmarks. My Bouncing Baby Benchmarks seemed like a safe (and fun) bet. Let’s face it – I happen to know that are a few of you have a high likelihood to be stat-curious.

The day of my stats post, my subscriber number went back down to exactly where I was the day before my Earth Day post. I’ve returned to my previous gradual building, with occasional fluctuations in line with previous my history.

Pure Green Hunger Speculation

Now, statistics are crazy. Any change in a smaller readership looks more important than it is, as a matter of scale. A one-time 48% jump in the subscriber number of a relatively new blog is not as statistically relevant as a trend at a more established blog. The people behind that 48% could have subscribed and unsubscribed for 101 different reasons completely unrelated to each other, or my benchmark thoughts post, or the Earth Day thing.

However, if a demographic slice of blogging greenies are roving around looking for web nerd marketing blogs with a green focus, I’d like to know.

I think that cause marketing has some special challenges and opportunities. Though you could make a case for a cause being just another Unique Selling Position, in cause marketing there is also perhaps a deeper tension around trust. Causes need supporters. Support is in theory altruistic, given freely and linked strongly to trust.

Though the urge to support something good is strong, the backfire can be just as strong if trust is broken.

Cause-related sites that push their issues in an unbalanced way can lose credibility. On the other side of the equation, posturing to seem more attractive to cause evangelists is especially repugnant, and a disappointed evangelist is a force to be reckoned with.

You can be punished for doing wrong, just as much as you could be rewarded for doing what’s right. My intuition is that this would be more intense with cause-related marketing.

Do Cause Marketers Have Special Web Needs?

I wonder if budding “cause” bloggers need extra support, as they deal with both the cause related stuff and the need to learn about what makes a Search Engine friendly site.

I want to walk up to each and every one of the 48% who unsubscribed and ask them what they wish I’d said next. If you happen to be one of them, walk right up to my comments form and tell me and my readers all about it.

Speaking of which, this is a good time to tell me what you want, especially if web dev type blog theme tweaks are part of your needs. I am mapping out the game plan for a series of posts documenting a WordPress theme re-design, using the WordPress Default theme as a base. I will learn from you, with you and for you.

When my theme re-design series is completed it will be available for purchase as an ebook, screen shots and code and all.

This is also a good time to subscribe. The first week of the series, May 11-17, RSS subscribers will receive a special link where they can register to get the ebook for free.

Fat Hair Challenge

On February 8th I challenged each of the participants of SEOs Fight Fat to sell a new display ad by February 14th.

If each of the eleven SEOs at SEOs Fight Fat sell a new display ad by February 14th, I’ll dye my hair pink.

To be fair, Valentine’s Day is only six days away. If they want a re-match, I’ll go green for three new ads each by St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th. Do both and I’ll do both.

Going Pink

Today I am re-stating and broadening that challenge. A display ad is $500, and there are eleven fat fighters. $1,500 per fat fighter would result in a total of $16,500 in pledges.

My new and improved challenge is for a total of $16,500 pledged after my original challenge on February 8th, including Friends of SEOs Fight Fat pledges of $20 or more.

I’m also extending it past St. Patrick’s Day, to the end of SEOs Fight Fat, but I’m picking the color. Go over $16,500 in total pledges and I’ll be your hair slave and take votes on the color. Hey, I’m flexible.

I challenge all of the fat fighters and anyone in their communities to do the same.

Donna Fontenot, will you go purple for the cause?
Jennifer Laycock, have you ever considered a nice grassy green?

Get Silly and Serious

Fat fighters, how many people in your church or school or online community would plunk down $20 or more for a chance to see you get out the hair dye, if it was for a good cause? And, don’t let not being one of the official eleven stop you: take up my challenge.

While you’re at it, challenge other communities in and out of Search. Hit up anyone connected to any of the products and industries mentioned on SEOs Fight Fat. Do you happen to know a marketing rep for Lean Cuisine? Anyone involved in making or marketing weetabix? Someone who has a gym?

Eleven fat fighters are playing for eleven nonprofits. How many supporters of those kinds of nonprofits would get out the hair dye for $16,500 in pledges for a good cause? If you read this and imagined seeing a twinkle in their eyes, that’s a sign that you may have an “in” for a donation to SEOs Fight Fat.

Think Of The Benefits

$16,500 can do a lot for a nonprofit. A LOT. A lot that is nothing short of priceless. Life-changing.

[Inserting a moment of silence to let that sink in.]

I have more to say (as usual!) but time marches on and I want this post to go out today.

What Is SEOs Fight Fat?

Are you wondering what in the world I’m going on about? This is the skinny on SEOs Fight Fat.

During the two month period between February 1, 2008 and March 31, 2008, each SEO will attempt to lose weight using whatever methods he or she thinks is best. On March 31st, the woman who has lost the most weight (based on a percentage of weight loss) and the man who has lost the most weight (again based on percentage) will be in a finalist face-off. On April 1st, all of you will vote and choose the winner of the challenge from those two finalists. The final winner’s charity will receive all of the sponsorship pledge funds.

About SEOs Fight Fat

Side Note On My Personal Poundage

When I started “sympathy dieting” at the start of February I weighed in at 200 lbs. By the time I stopped working on the Holy Grail thang I was solidly at 209. The fantasy journey part of me has a special vulnerability to going into a sugar coma. She had to be stopped. I live to play (with my food) as much as the next person, but I’ve got to say that the LOLcat thang was much less fattening and much more healthy. ;-)

Hear ye, hear ye, I am now a slightly more svelte 198 lbs. W00t.

This will be the first Easter in memory that yours truly attempts to forgo partaking of those chocolate covered malted milk balls shaped like eggs, or Cadbury Caramel eggs, or…

…pardon me. I have spinach to savor and a challenge to post.

Saying Hello To Invisible Friends

Publicity can be a bit of a sticky wicket. Too much “look at me look at me” is just plain boring and obnoxious. Not enough and opportunities for connection are lost before having a chance to become even a twinkle in somebody’s eye. Even with opportunities to connect, promotion can only go so far without some sense of community.

I think about community whenever I fire up my computer, partly because of the people I’ve connected with online over the years. Those connections didn’t happen automatically. Somewhere along the line someone put their best foot forward, or noticed when someone else did the same.

Today I’m writing up a challenge in support of SEOs Fight Fat, in which I revisit an earlier threat promise idea about dying my hair pink. Before that I’d like to share with my invisible online friends a few reflections on cause-related connections from my past.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

When my daughter was in about the second grade her school principal put out the word that she’d dress up in a clown costume and roller skate through the halls if a fundraising goal was met. That particular fundraiser was a penny drive. The undersides of lots and lots of couches were ever so much more spotless than before, the goal was marvelously more than met, and the normally coiffed and polished school principal went batwild on skates. Good, community-building fun was had by all.

When my daughter was in middle school there was a youth pastor who said he’d shave his head if the kids made a fundraising goal for a charity project. I suspect that said youth pastor wanted to shave his head anyway, because the goal was on the low side, but that’s between him, his maker, and the kids. On head-shaving day he and the kids made a party of it, glorying in copious amounts of shaving cream and even some dome-top artwork. Good, community-building fun was had by all.

Years ago a fearful and filthy abandoned pet cat was living under the apartment building where we lived. He ate out of the dumpster and watched the world like a hawk, always from a safe distance. Every time I went around to the back of the building to the laundry room I talked to him, as if it mattered. I crooned to him that he was observant, smart, beautiful – a cat among cats. In a few weeks he was accompanying me to the laundry room door and the dumpster, head held high. In a few months I was able to get close enough to start cutting out mats. A quietly satisfying time was had by two. :)

I will remember these things for the rest of my life.

Nobody can bottle this stuff and force it to go viral. On the giving side of the promotional coin, it’s not hard to send fan mail or cast a little bread on the waters, or to give a post a Stumble or a Sphinn, or to stop by and say hello in some small way. It matters.

Dazzlin LOLcat Dodges Sub

An innocent-looking Dazzlin D LOLcat chose healthy food over one of the most seductive sandwiches in my recent memory.

If the surveillance camera had been turned the other way, you’d see yours truly showing signs of being overcome by the thought of absconding with said 2,000 calorie fried shimp poboy. The days drag on, and the thoughts remain. Will I be forever haunted by a sandwich?

funny pictures
moar funny pictures from icanhasacheezburger

Donna Fontenot is the organizer of SEOs Fight Fat, a two-month dieting competition where eleven well-known SEOs are competing to raise money for charity. Pledges from $20 to $2000 are welcome.

Make LOLcats to Help Fight Fat

Why not make your own lolcat in support of the SEO Fat Fighters?

  1. Go to icanhascheezburger
  2. Visit the LOL Builder
  3. Save your LOL
  4. Share your SEOcat in an encouraging blog post that is linked to

SEOcat Nathania Johnson Loves Pilates

Nathania Johnson was recently spotted cat napping after a hard day’s work editorializing at Bold Interactive and fighting fat with fellow fat fighters at SEOs Fight Fat.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures from icanhasacheezburger

I really love doing Pilates. It improves posture and helps to tone and shape your body.

Nathania Johnson – Exercise Favorite: Pilates

Nathania has a Twitter account set up just for the event. You can follow her at The widget for that account is on the sidebar of her blog at SEOS Fight Fat. At this moment I can see that someone needs to message our fair SEOcat and remind her that brownies are NOT the cat’s meow.

Make LOLcats to Help Fight Fat

Why not make your own lolcat in support of the SEO Fat Fighters?

  1. Go to icanhascheezburger
  2. Visit the LOL Builder
  3. Save your LOL
  4. Share your SEOcat in an encouraging blog post that is linked to

LOLcats Spotted at SMX West

funny pictures
moar funny pictures from icanhasacheezburger

So far, David Wallace is on track to be the winner for the guys.

So what are the rules and how is a winner determined? Each participant has chosen his/her favorite charity that they are playing for. During the two month period between February 1, 2008 and March 31, 2008, each SEO will attempt to lose weight using whatever methods he or she thinks is best. On March 31st, the woman who has lost the most weight (based on a percentage of weight loss) and the man who has lost the most weight (again based on percentage) will be in a finalist face-off. On April 1st, all of you will vote and choose the winner of the challenge from those two finalists. The final winner’s charity will receive all of the sponsorship pledge funds.


Make LOLcats to Help Fight Fat

Why not make your own lolcat in support of the SEO Fat Fighters?

  1. Go to icanhascheezburger
  2. Visit the LOL Builder
  3. Save your LOL
  4. Share your SEOcat in an encouraging blog post that is linked to

Going Pink

breast cancer awareness ribbonWhat a difference a few days can make. This time last week I was thinking about adding blogging for a cause as a regular feature. One thing led to another and pretty soon I was joking about dyeing my hair pink.

Do you need a little backstory? Yes, methinks you need a little backstory. Here goes.

Pink Valentine’s marketing frou frou brightening local stores led me to musing about the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, which led to remembering that I haven’t gotten around to getting a mammogram lately, which for some strange reason led to musing about midlife crisis and how much fun the first bubble of midlife crisis was for yours truly (when I wasn’t suffering,) which reminded me of my 20’s for the same reason (fun, when I wasn’t suffering) which reminded me of how I used to joke that one year for a good enough reason (a “cause”) I’d dye my hair pink for Valentine’s day.

During about the same time period I heard about SEOs Fight Fat from Donna Fontenot, and I guess you could say that one thing led to another, which leads me to more backstory.

Sympathy Dieting Sucks

Since SEOs Fight Fat launched I’ve gained five pounds. My intent was to do a little tandem sympathy dieting and take my weight down another 25 lbs, at five pounds a month. Losing 25 lbs last year and 25 this year would get me down to a comfortable place. Another 25 and I’d be at my pre-baby weight of 21 years ago… but that’s not really necessary. At my height, nearly six feet tall, anything under 175 lbs is a matter of distribution, and I’m cool with that. However, going from 200lbs to 205 in one week was not in the plan.

Maybe sympathy needs a compass

Sympathy dieting is not the same as putting yourself on the line. Sympathy opens everything. In my case last week that included opening my mouth for veritable slabs of super yummy, skin-on lemon-pepper chicken – and for the most part I’m someone who lives happily on moderate amounts of nuts and berries and dairy. It’s just that I get almost zero exercise and a lot can happen between “moderate” and “amount” when I listen to a craving.

Cravings lie. Cravings say “You need to eat another heart-shaped frosted cake before bed time. Mmmmm, satisfying. Now you need another.”

Cravings should be used to fuel comfort, curiosity and the creative, but never to make decisions impacting health. Health is a choice – not even in the same universe as a craving.

Choosing health is a daily celebration of life

Not to get all fluffy about it, but dieting is not about the skinny jeans or the struggle to avoid one’s beloved cheese fries. My neighbor is a case in point.

He’s a tall, broad-shouldered guy who’s had a full life – military service, kids, work, friends, extended family, retirement, and his current position as Neighborhood Ambassador. The day I moved in he walked over and introduced himself. Very old school. Very home town friendly. Very… Cre8asite. Yes, I spend too much time online.

Anyhoo, my neighbor has lost more than 90 lbs over the course of a year. At the halfway point he got cancer and found that he is not a good surgery candidate because of what the weight does to his blood pressure. He did other treatment. He’s OK so far, and is still plugging away at the diet.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? You never know what will happen next. Weight loss is not about fitting into the skinny jeans. The skinny jeans are a side effect, a milepost. The better part of willpower is willingness to live the good life. Cheese fries ain’t got nothin’ on that.

Are You Willing to Get Wacky For a Cause?

I am. :)

Remember up top when I said something about pink hair and joking that one year for a good enough reason (a “cause”) I’d dye my hair pink for Valentine’s day? Here goes.

Some of the folks at SEOs Fight Fat are off to a slow start. Some haven’t started blogging yet, and some who have have yet to sell an ad on their page of the project. I want to encourage them to go a little crazy over their cause, by going a little crazy myself.

If each of the eleven SEOs at SEOs Fight Fat sell a new display ad by February 14th, I’ll dye my hair pink.

To be fair, Valentine’s Day is only six days away. If they want a re-match, I’ll go green for three new ads each by St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th. Do both and I’ll do both. Come close and make me an offer, but I’m not shaving anything.

DazzlinDonna, Jennifer Laycock, Aaron Wall, Jim Boykin, Simon Heseltine, Nathania Johnson, Ben Cook, Scottie Claiborne, Jeff Quipp, David Wallace and Debra Mastaler, li’l ol (tall) me is callin’ out you and your readership.

If you’re reading this and smiling I encourage you to leave me a tip. It will cost a mere dollar to add a message to the brand new My Top Spots gizmo in my side bar. I think it’d be a lot of fun if my first few tips come from people who would like to see their choice of the SEOs Fight Fat bunch dye their own hair. I encourage you to click “Show some love, buy one” and plunk down $1 to leave an encouraging, linked message for the SEO of your choice.

Oh, and for your information, my long hair is now a natural brown, and I’ve got an appointment for that mammogram.

Seeing With Your Spirit: Supporting Nonprofits

Here in the Northern hemisphere we’ve had the harvest and giving thanks season, and we’re winding up the shop for somebody else until you drop season.

This hustle bustle holly jolly season is also the darkest time of the year. Winter officially begins after solstice, the longest night with the shortest day. Culture, history and human nature have conjoined to make this dark, cold and sometimes miserable time about giving and reverence: about light on the eve of new beginnings.

Sharing the Light

Christmas is touted as being about many things, along with a potentially myopic idealization of family gatherings and encouragement to spend money on material goods. Idealization sucks. God forbid being alone or poor or sick at Christmas. God save us from darkness and lack of hope.

Hype and concrete reality don’t live well in the same universe, which can make the holiday season seem like there’s not room for the real lives and needs of real people.

Wherever hype doesn’t sync well with real life there is unease, insecurity.

Humans don’t do well with insecurity. Even when we are insecure we’ll deny it, trying to triangulate our positions based on a silver lining, as if we are wired for a cross-cultural multi-denominational qibla-like focal point for hope.

That silver lining’s stubborn and sometimes secret hope is where the commerce, the spiritual and the ritual of “Christmas” giving can meet up to make a real difference, a real celebration with real depth.

Reverence and Relationships

I believe that everyone needs extended family, in some way, probably in many ways. In a cooperative society we contribute to something beyond ourselves as a matter of course. We pay taxes. We keep each other safe by following traffic rules.

Paying taxes isn’t enough to spark up the light of giving in most people’s souls. Crusading for or against them, for a cause, maybe. What makes the difference is a sense of connection or contribution to a value, for one’s self or others or both.

Contributions accumulate. Value is passed.

Personal values, personal causes, personal networks are part of how we live. An interpersonal network or a cause-based contribution can build into becoming extended family.

Accumulating the Goods

Marketing is about getting the word out by connecting to the end user’s needs and wants. To push without sharing light in some way is something like evangelizing for taxes: not enough gist in “taxes” alone to spark up the target audience.

There’s got to be a light.

Maybe it’s light from the expectation of feeling smart for buying a particular car, or of having better cell phone service, or maybe it’s the light of hoping Grandma will like her new Christmas slippers. Really successful advertising cues in on this and connects in some way to the fact that part of the ROI of having a need met comes from ripples not directly connected to commerce. Part of the decision to purchase is a visualization of how life could be.

Giving goes farther than any budget.

Consider: anyone who involved in a publicly available media is sharing light in some way.

Sharing the Light: Taking Note of Nonprofits

I’m winding up this musing with an encouragement to get involved, up close and personal.

Start where you are. Use what you know to make a little joyful noise. Opportunities large and small are out there. Food bloggers all over the world just banded together with Chez Pim’s Menu For Hope to raise over $90,000 for the United Nations World Food Program. On a smaller scale, try simply blogging about someone you admire, or why you love what you do… or you could tag yourself for my tips for nonprofits meme.

Find a food bank. They’re everywhere, all the time, and their needs don’t slow down after Christmas dinner. Besides food and money, they may need time and drivers. While you’re on the phone with the food bank, ask where to take donations of pet food.

Extend your family. Make friends with someone who lives in an extended care center. Though nothing can replace a missing parent or grandparent, there are ways to bring delight into the lives of new aunties and uncles. Go for walks. Go out for coffee. Listen to stories. Learn to knit. Teach someone how to blog.

Adopt a school. Call one up and find out what they need. Guidance counselors sometimes keep a stash of books and whatnot that can be gifts for kids whose parents need some help. In my case (shameless plug) I have a special bond with a school, because my mom is the founder of Louis Braille School. If you want to relive a little Santa magic, have a listen to what happened when local radio came to call.

Spread light. Spread joy.

I Have a Crush On…

…my online friends and neighbors, with whom I’ve been blessed to share linky coolness.

When Kim Krause Berg tagged me for a round of blog tag I saw her link first in my WordPress dashboard. Such fun: my new blog’s first new incoming link.

I passed the torch to Miriam, Lee and Yura, all of whom decided to play along. Miriam’s post reminded me of something bird related, of course, which took me back ten years to when I was living in Indianola, a tiny and beautiful town on Puget Sound. I’d call “kitty kitty kitty,” from my back porch at the edge of woodsy paradise, and an owl would call “whohoo whohoo whohoo,” right back at me, night after night. If I called “kitty” once, the owl called “whohoo” once. Sweetness. It went on that way for weeks. Eventually he (she?) made friends with another owl and quit flirting with me. I loved hearing them whohoo to each other.

This week I spotted my first appearance in a blogroll. Bill Slawski has added me to his blogroll at the marvy and authoritative SEO by the Sea. I love knowing that Bill’s blog started off by announcing a gathering. Now that’s my kind of blogville.

And, I stumbled into where Kim had Sphunn my Tips for Nonprotits Meme. Note to self: get Sphinn into my feed reader or go there more often. So far, the meme has been picked up by Kim Krause Berg, Joe Dolson and Mike Cherim. I’ll be writing more about supporting nonprofits.

Another linky niceness came in yesterday, when Andrey Milyan posted Search Marketing Standard’s People of Wisdom. Aw shucks.

Food Blogs

Food can be and do so much. If I do more of these “I Have a Crush” posts you’ll see food here again. This week I’m crushing on the macaroons at Cuisine Campagne. Last months banana chocolate macaroons made me want to take a bite, but last year’s apple caramel macaroons are beauoooootiful, like poetry for eating. If I only read French!

My other favorite food blog of the moment is Indian Food Rocks, which happens to be the creation of a fellow Cre8asite Forums member. This month she’s contributed two prizes to Menu For Hope, an annual fundraiser hosted by Pim Techamuanvivit, on her food blog Chez Pim.

Five years ago, the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia inspired me to find a way to help, and the very first Menu for Hope was born. The campaign has since become a yearly affair, raising funds to support worthy causes worldwide. In 2006, Menu for Hope raised US$62,925.12 to help the UN World Food Programme feed the hungry.
Menu For Hope 4

Here’s how it works:

  1. Food bloggers donate food related prizes.
  2. Supporters get virtual raffle tickets from the donation site at Firstgiving, where they select their first choices from the prizes, one choice per $10 raffle ticket.
  3. As this works like a raffle, winning is not guaranteed. Check Chez Pim for raffle results on Wednesday, January 9
  4. Winners contact the bloggers who sponsored the gifts so that shipping can be arranged.

Getting bogged down by how to make things happen can be so very easy. I admire the way web2.0 functionality is helping to power Menu For Hope. Viva la ping!

WordPress Themes

I like WordPress. Part of why I like it so much is how easy it is to theme. And then there’s the interconnectedness of blogging, which leads me to the community-connecting power of the Internet.

Once in a while my fascination for the nuts and bolts of online communities bubbles up against some specific aspect of WordPress. This week I’m doing the WordPress cheer for a theme called Structure, by Justin Adlock. Though it is described as a magazine style theme, I could easily see Structure or something very like it as the home of an online community.

Check out the sidebar tabs. Nice use of sidebar real estate, and oh so configurable.


I know, I know, it’s only a widget, but I do so get a thrill out of seeing the faces of people who come through my site, and some of them have even joined my community.

And a Quote

Paraphrased from an X-Files episode about a member of the baseball team Roswell Grays.

…do you believe that love can make a man shape-shift?”
I’m not talking about women. I’m talking about love. Passion.
…do you believe that that passion can change your very nature?

Tips for Nonprofits Meme

I’m starting a round of blog tag in support of nonprofits that have an online presence. The idea is to write up one tip for how nonprofits can benefit from an online presence, and challenge others to do the same. Don’t worry about having the same tip as someone else, as long as your take on the tip adds something to the original idea.

This meme comes with four guidelines:

  1. Offer one tip
  2. Tag three people. Bonus points for including blogs that support or represent nonprofits.
  3. Please link back to this page. If you link, I will contact you about including your tip in a compilation of tips generated by this meme.
  4. Remember to pass on the guidelines

Here’s my tip:

Actions are Local, Content is Global

Let’s say your nonprofit weather proofs housing for low income people in Ruralville County, and only in Ruralville County. Your clients are primarily the elderly, single moms with newborns and disabled people who are living independently. Your locally focused content creation strategy may be very specific to your clients, your nonprofit and your county, but don’t stop there.

Weather proofing for low income groups is an international issue, and weather proofing in general has financial and environmental benefits world wide. Your nonprofit may be a small local enterprise, but it has expertise in weather proofing: why not try to rank for terms related to weather proofing?

Develop a resource, and use that resource to bring in traffic. Traffic can lead to donations and other kinds of support.

Be Creative

A section about weather proofing windows could feature a comprehensive guide that is offered as a for-donation download. The download could be co-branded between your nonprofit and a sponsor that markets windows.

Multiply by however many ideas you can come up with and repeat.

Here are my tags:

My first tag goes to Skitzzo of SEO Refuge, in honor of the nonprofits meme he started at the Refuge last April.

I’m also tagging Joe Dolson, accessibility ace, with a salute to our mothers, both of whom work in the nonprofit sector.

My last tag goes to Nancy Schwartz’s Nonprofit Marketing: Getting Attention. Nancy’s blog was a find via my own mom, a brand new blogger, and her quest to learn about using the Internet to help the Louis Braille School.

My last, last tag goes to the ever-generous Kim Krause Berg. I know, I know, that makes four tags, but I couldn’t start my first meme without tagging my friend and role model Miz Cre8pc.