Tips for Nonprofits Meme

I’m starting a round of blog tag in support of nonprofits that have an online presence. The idea is to write up one tip for how nonprofits can benefit from an online presence, and challenge others to do the same. Don’t worry about having the same tip as someone else, as long as your take on the tip adds something to the original idea.

This meme comes with four guidelines:

  1. Offer one tip
  2. Tag three people. Bonus points for including blogs that support or represent nonprofits.
  3. Please link back to this page. If you link, I will contact you about including your tip in a compilation of tips generated by this meme.
  4. Remember to pass on the guidelines

Here’s my tip:

Actions are Local, Content is Global

Let’s say your nonprofit weather proofs housing for low income people in Ruralville County, and only in Ruralville County. Your clients are primarily the elderly, single moms with newborns and disabled people who are living independently. Your locally focused content creation strategy may be very specific to your clients, your nonprofit and your county, but don’t stop there.

Weather proofing for low income groups is an international issue, and weather proofing in general has financial and environmental benefits world wide. Your nonprofit may be a small local enterprise, but it has expertise in weather proofing: why not try to rank for terms related to weather proofing?

Develop a resource, and use that resource to bring in traffic. Traffic can lead to donations and other kinds of support.

Be Creative

A section about weather proofing windows could feature a comprehensive guide that is offered as a for-donation download. The download could be co-branded between your nonprofit and a sponsor that markets windows.

Multiply by however many ideas you can come up with and repeat.

Here are my tags:

My first tag goes to Skitzzo of SEO Refuge, in honor of the nonprofits meme he started at the Refuge last April.

I’m also tagging Joe Dolson, accessibility ace, with a salute to our mothers, both of whom work in the nonprofit sector.

My last tag goes to Nancy Schwartz’s Nonprofit Marketing: Getting Attention. Nancy’s blog was a find via my own mom, a brand new blogger, and her quest to learn about using the Internet to help the Louis Braille School.

My last, last tag goes to the ever-generous Kim Krause Berg. I know, I know, that makes four tags, but I couldn’t start my first meme without tagging my friend and role model Miz Cre8pc.