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I am a compulsive tinkerer. Must nudge and tweak. Must take it apart to see what’s underneath. Forcing myself to conform and focus enough to make forward progress is a challenge. Little things can take me forever. Washing dishes makes … Continue reading

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Self and Search

A few years ago someone who I respect very much suggested that only the egotistical would consider putting yet another page online about something that someone had already done well. I argued that there is a lot of room in … Continue reading

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Kitty Kitty?

It’s been in the 20’s here lately. Our January average low is 32. My usual practice is to turn off the heat at night and pile on the blankets. Environmental awareness meets necessity: I’m both cheap and good. Sometimes mornings … Continue reading

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A Little Forecast

Background bits: Even when there are very few actual visitors, blog posts that contain very specific terms get found via a search or two. It’s nice to be needed, and found. Search is cool. Some of the posts that were … Continue reading

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Resistance is Fertile

I am a locus of blogville. My life as it has been is over. From this time forward I will serve the very verve of Stumble and ping. Search is irrelevant. Social bookmarking is seductive. Resistance is fertile. I wish … Continue reading

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Skip To My Content

One simple feature can help users get into your site. Without this feature there is a barrier on every page. Some users will pass this barrier without noticing. For others, this barrier is a significant usability problem. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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A Few Blog Navigation Plugins

What do the top search marketing blogs not have at the top of their sidebars? More often than not, they don’t list just exactly what I’m going to tell you about here: lists of recent posts, popular posts, recent comments, … Continue reading

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Blogrolling My Footer

A couple posts ago I wrote about at-a-glance features that help me get a quick sense of what’s going on with a blog. For the next few posts I’m going to chip away at adding some of those features to … Continue reading

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Blogging Is The Devil, Or Not

Yesterday I spent a couple hours getting to know StumbleUpon better. I had entirely too much fun sorting and clicking and searching. I added some interests to my profile, including blogging, of course. How could this be? Blogging: 666. I … Continue reading

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Blog Love, at a Glance

I often look at up to 100 blogs a day, many of which I have never seen before. That’s a lot of skimming. I don’t read all that I see. What makes the difference between reading and not reading, subscribing … Continue reading

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