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An unWhiz Bang List

Boredom hit when I was working on a post that took the form of a list of ways to do something. There are so many of those posts out there right now! I may go back and do the post … Continue reading

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Online Reviews: Flirtation Commerce?

A study from the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business may also describe some interesting relationships to romance, online auctions and purchases resulting from online product reviews. The study itself didn’t talk about Ebay, ecommerce or romance, but I’m … Continue reading

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Styling Wide, Widgetized Sidebars Part II

This tutorial will walk you through creating a single widgetized sidebar container filled with individually styled widgets that can span a wide sidebar or float to either side to create the appearance of columns. An alternative strategy was covered in … Continue reading

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Fat Hair Challenge

On February 8th I challenged each of the participants of SEOs Fight Fat to sell a new display ad by February 14th. If each of the eleven SEOs at SEOs Fight Fat sell a new display ad by February 14th, … Continue reading

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